In addition to new construction we also have done many renovations of existing homes.  One such house renovation is 82 Rutledge Avenue in the City of Charleston.  This house is approximately 7000 sq. ft. and has three stories, a basement, and a carriage house in the backyard.

Renovation, new roof, new exterior paint, Architect, Construction

82 Rutledge Avenue House Renovation including a new metal roof, new exterior paint, and renovation of porches and interior

Interior Renovation, new floors, new drywall

This is the top floor of 82 Rutledge where we did a major renovation to the interior design including walls, floors, a new kitchen and bath, etc.

Loft apartment renovation, modern interior, historic house renovation

Here is a photo of an old attic space that has been renovated into a very attractive and comfortable loft apartment at 82 Rutledge


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  1. Thanks David! We appreciate the comments and hopefully we can meet up sometime to discuss architecture in New York or Charleston!

    John Abess

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