Carriage Houses & ADUs

We provide turn-key carriage houses which can be built as a separate dwelling on your existing property.

This is a 725 sq. ft. carriage house designed for the backyard of an existing house in I’on Mount Pleasant.

ADU, Carriage House, Apartment over Garage, new small home

This is a design sketch of an ADU in Old Village Mount Pleasant that we showed to the client to get their design approval before construction

Many municipalities allow in their zoning laws “Accessory Dwelling Units” or ADUs also commonly known as carriage houses to be built on your property in addition to your main house as long as they are under a certain square footage.

Please feel free to contact us to find out if your zoning would allow you to build a carriage house.

There are many advantages to building one of these carriage houses such as providing additional rental income or providing a place for family or elderly or yourself to live comfortably or even to provide a home office.

Below are some potential uses:

  • Rental apartment for additional income
  • Guest house for friends and family visits
  • Mother-in-law dwelling
  • Separate dwelling for family
  • Elderly accessible dwelling
  • Art studio dwelling
  • Yoga studio dwelling
  • Home business office
  • Workshop
  • Game room or hobby dwelling
  • Storage
  • Bar or entertainment dwelling
  • Carriage house



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